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Accounting & Tax Accounting & Tax - Tax Help, Templates

Waybach Machine - Archives, Archives - Waybach Machine

Autos Autos - Pricing, Edmunds, Reviews, Links

Banks Banks - BofA, Citibank, Wells Fargo

Cards & Humor, Greetings, Humor, Jokes, Quotes, Cards - Greeting Cards, Invitations

Computers, Computers - Windows 10, Help Sites

Computers-Internet Computers-Internet - HTML, Web Tools

Computers-ClipArt/Graphics, Computers-ClipArt/Graphics, AntiVirus

Computer Dictionaries, Computer Dictionaries,

Computer Tutorials Computer Tutorials, Tutorials-Gizmo's

Consumer Information, Price comparisons, Ads, Banks, Coupons, Deals, craiglist, Consumer Info - Ads, Auctions, Guides

 Deals-Price Comparisons/Bargains, Deals-Price Comparisons/Bargains

Deals, Deals - Amazon  Deals, bizrate

Deals, Deals - Consumer Reports, coupons

Deals, Deals - craigslist,, Meritline,

Deals, Deals - eBay/Deals, FatWallet

Deals, Deals - Google Shop, Kohls,  newegg

Deals, Deals - Price Grabber, Slickdeals, Yelp

Dictionaries, Dictionaries -, Toolbox - iTools

Domain Registration and Hosting, Domain Registration and Hosting

E-Mail Providers, E-Mail, 1&1, Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail

Entertainment, Entertainment - Culture, Puzzles

Featured Sites, Featured Sites

Games, Games - Crosswords,, Miniclip, Y8

Genealogy, Genealogy, 23andMe,

Google, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar

Google, Google Maps, Google Voice, Google Products

Government, Federal, States, SF Area, Government - Federal, States, Redwood City Alphabetical Topic Index References Index

Health, Health - Major Sites, Gov't, Conditions

Health, Caregivers, Health Caregivers, M.D.'s

Health, Health - Drugs, Mayo Clinic, WebMD

Health, Health - CDC, Healthfinder, NIH

Hobbies, Books, Coins, Geneology, Photography, Hobbies - Antiques, Books, Coins

Household, Food, Pets, Garden, Household - Food, Pets, Garden, Home

Humor, Puzzles, Jokes, Humor - Trivia, Jokes, Computer Fun

Humor2, Humor2 - Paraprosdokians

Jobs Careers, Colleges/Universities, Jobs - Resume, Careers, Colleges

Kids, Fun Pages,Search Tools, Santa's Pages, Family Friendly, Kids - Fun & Education, Santa's Pages

Knights of Columbus, Knights of Columbus

Legal Resources, Courts, California, Legal - Fed Courts, NewsGeneral Law

Legal Resources,, Homeowners Associations Legal-Homeowners Associations

Locators, Locators, PeopleFinder, YP, WhitePages Alphabetical Topic Index References Index

Movies - All-Movie Guide, IMDb, Netflix, Movies - All-Movie Guide, IMDb, Netflix

Music, Music - Music 50's+, Pandora

Networking, Networking - Facebook, Google+, Instagram,

Networking, NetworkingNextdoor,  Pinterest, Skype

Networking, Networking - Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube

Networking, Networking - WhatsApp, Yahoo Groups

News, News - National, Worldwide, Access Any Newspaper

Enterrtainment News, News-Celebrity -, TMZ, WeSmirch

News, News-Polititical - Breitbart, CNNPolitics, memeorandum

News, News Portals - AOL, BBC, CNN, Fox News,

News, News Portals - Google News, MSN, Reuters, Yahoo

News, News-Technology - eweek, TechCrunch, Techmeme

Obituaries, Obituaries - Lauer Funeral, US

On This Day in History, On This Day in History - BBC-ON THIS DAY

On-Line Learning, On-Line Learning -, Khan Academy

Parcels/Mail - US Post Office, Parcels/Mail - US Post Office, Int'l, ZIP Codes

Parcels, Parcels - DHL, Fedex, UPS

People Networking, Blogs, Mobile, Baby Names, Seniors, People - Networking, Invitations, Seniors

Photography, Photography - Flickr, Google, photobucket, Shutterfly

Poetry, Quotes, Poetry, Quotes - The Quotations Page Alphabetical Topic Index References Index

Radio, Radio - NPR, Old Time Radio Shows

Real Estate, Real Estate -,

References, References -, Wikipedia, Britannica

Religion, Catholic, Bible Gateway, Religion - Catholic, BibleJewish, Links

Science, Science - Search Tools, Art & Museums, History

Sports, Sports News, Scores, Baseball, Football, Olympics, Sports-Scores, Baseball, Football, Basketball

Sports, Sports ESPN, ESPN-Scores, Fox Sports

Investments, Stocks, Stocks - Fidelity, GoogleFN, YahooFN, Dow

Investments, Stocks, Stocks, NDX, Futures, Stocks-Pre Market

Investments, Stocks, Stocks-After Hours, After Hours Most Active

Investments, Stocks, Stocks-After Hours Screener

Market News, Research, Stocks-Market News, Market Research

Travel, Airlines, Guides, Travel - Airlines, Low Fares, Guides, Destinations

Travel, Airlines, Guides, Travel -, Expedia, FlightAware

Travel, Airlines, Guides, Travel - Kayak, Trip Advisor

TV - TVGuide, PBS NewsHour, TV - TVGuide, PBS NewsHour

Veterans - Veterans Affairs, Veterans - Veterans Affairs, News, Health Issues

Virtual Tours, Virtual Tours - Travel to The World now - 360Cities

Weather, Weather - Air, 10 Day WX, WX

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