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Featured References
CIA - The World Factbook
Countries of the World - Facts, Maps
Countries - World Countries List

Global Religious Landscape - Pew Research.
Random History and Word Origins
Snopes.com - Myths, rumors, and misinformation.
wiseGEEK -  Clear answers for common questions.
WolframAlpha - Knowledge Engine.

Additional Links:

All My Faves -  Graphic presentation of favorites.
Classic Shell - Start menu for Windows 10.
Invitations, Party Planning.
Find A Grave - Search 149 million grave records
Google Products
Khan Academy - Educational videos.
Mediagazer - Must-read media news on a single page.
World-Newspapers.com -
Papers and Magazines.

Dumb.com - Funny Videos, Funny Jokes
Funny Jokes and Humorous Media
Funny or Die - Funny videos etc.

Humor - Cat & Mouse Reciprocity
Humor - Daily Cartoons
Humor - Paraprosdokians
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Major News  Services
General News:
AFP.com - Agence France-Presse
- Global News.
Digg - All Topics
- The Latest News Headlines, Videos and Images.
Fox News
Google News
- Today's press covers.
New York Daily News America
New York Post

New York Times
Newsmap - News by popularity and volume in a visual treemap.
People's Daily Online China
- What's new online
Sacbee.com & The Sacramento Bee
South China Morning Post
State News from the 50 States
The Christian Science Monitor
The Standard - Hong Kong
The Week - All you need to know about everything that matters.
TIME | News | National & World Updates
US News & World Report - News

Yahoo! News

Business News:
Barron's - Investment News.
Bloomberg - Business & Financial News.
- Market & Business News.
Financial Times - UK and business and political news.
MarketWatch: Stock Market News - Financial News
Wall Street Journal WSJ-Markets-Stocks

Entertainment News:
E! Online
Television Without Pity - Reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter
TMZ - Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Legal News:
Reuters - Legal news

Political News:
- Day's political news.
Roll Call - The Newspaper of Capitol Hill.
TheHill.com - Congressional newspaper.

Fox Sports

Major League Baseball MLB@BAT
Sporting News
Sports Iliustrated

Technology News:

AppleInsider | Apple news and rumors
ars technica - News & Reviews.
CNET News - Technology News.
Enterprise Technology News.
Techmeme - Technology News.

- 10 Day Forecast.

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