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SK Joseph Wucher -----  (650) 595-2441   jlwucher@comcast.net          Color Corps Commander
SK Daniel Abalos ------  (650) 533-3237   dbufman@hotmail.com
SK Elmer Bergman -----  (650) 366-1088   bergman@smartlinks.org
SK Bernard Cafirma ---  (650) 594-1192    bcafirma359@sbcglobal.net
SK Marvin Crockett ----  (650) 571-6026  sanmateo1346@comcast.net
SK Richard Dizon -----   (650) 274 - 9906  richdizon@gmail.com
SK Juan Escobar ------   (650) 349-2255
SK Harold Fuentes ----   (650) 591-3545   vcf34@hotmail.com
SK Kevin Jung ---------  (650-992-9794   kpjung@gmail.com
SK Peter Lauber ------    (650) 222-3015   Lauber@aol.com
SK George Ledbetter --  (650) 583-0722   georgeledbetter@comcast.net
SK Michael O'Malley --  (650) 557-0652   HMB167@aol.com
SK Jeffrey Patino ------   (650) 738-1065   jspatino@comcast.net
SK Arnaldo Rodrigues -- (650) 726-5492   iaraj@hotmail.com
SK Alonso Silva -----     (650) 345-8333
SK Robert Vierra ----     (650) 341-1847   the_vierras@netzero.com
Normally the priorities are vigils of deceased members in good standing, our own activities, area member priest anniversaries and installations, and Council and parish activities. Our membership is mainly drawn from five Councils on the peninsula. We welcome Fourth Degree members from each Council and encourage them to become color corps members so that they can support their own Council activities.

Fr. Al (Msgr.) Heuring,  pictured above, passed to his heavenly reward on December 8, 2010. My comment in an email of April 22, 2010 was: "He is one of the finest priest I have met and to be associated with him brings great joy." His obituary also expressed what is our great admiration of him which in part reads: "Fr. Al was loved by all for his spirituality, his gregariousness, his quick wit, and his wonderfully original sense of humor. Fr. Al had a joke for every occasion. He possessed a keen mind and an avid curiosity up to the time of his death. He will be missed by all who knew him."

Archbishop Alemany Assembly 76 -
Information for assistance in qualifying and ordering regalia.

Rebuilding the Color Corps
The Color Corps of the Knights of Columbus are the uniformed members of the Fourth Degree. They are the ones who are most noticeable at funerals and public functions. In order to foster greater participation, several programs have been initiated.  -  Get Your Regalia now! Pre approval is required.
Purchase of swords not to exceed $150.00 - Hand Receipt policy. At a meeting on April 15, 2004, we adopted by Motion that our Assembly pay for the cost of the Sword, Sword Case and Service Baldric ($121.15) for members purchasing the Cape ($92) and the Chapeaux ($93) and incidentals of  white gloves ($3.45) and shipping of $18. ($121.15 of $327.60 total at Lynch & Kelly- 2004 Spring catalog) (See below - Currently $320.00 plus shipping.) (Originally $125.00 - Amended by motion to $150.00 on January 18, 2007) The sword purchase would be hand receipted to the member with the explicit requirement that upon transfer, inactivity or leaving Archbishop Alemany Assembly 76, the item(s) will be returned or the $150.00 repaid to Archbishop Alemany Assembly 76.  Offers are limited to available funds.
Chapeaux - $100.00 - In addition, the Faithful Navigator - SK Elmer Bergman donated $1,200.00 to Knights of Columbus Alemany Assembly 76 with the explicit instruction for its use, namely to help finance chapeaux at $100.00 per Color Corps member. The item will be hand receipted to the member with the explicit requirement that it remains the property of Archbishop Alemany Assembly 76 to be returned or repaid. Again, offers are limited to available funds.
Solicitation of Regalia - In an effort to more effectively maintain the Color Corps of Archbishop Alemany Assembly 76, we are soliciting regalia from former members so that it can be provided to incoming Color Corps members. Precedent is that much regalia has been purchased in the past by the Assembly. The item will be hand receipted to the member with the explicit requirement that it remains the property of Archbishop Alemany Assembly 76. Think of your donation of regalia item(s) as a lasting memorial and continuation of the member's prior efforts made to support this very worthwhile activity.
Summary - There was no significant surplus at the time of the spinoff of about half of our members in 2000 when the Maria Regina Assembly was established. Surplus monies that we currently have are directly and indirectly attributable to donations of SK Elmer Bergman PFN and savings by foregoing reimbursements during his four year tenure as Faithful Navigator. He is proud to have established the regalia fund whereby any member can get into the Color Corps for the cost of the cape - a little more than $100.00.
Lynch & Kelly - http://www.lynchkelly.com/
Order Form Information for Regalia
(Minimum required items)
From 2010 Online Catalog/July 2010 - Knights of Columbus Online Catalog

Qty                     Description                                                Price/Each

 1         Sword, Plain blade, with Scabbard                        $         96.00     http://www.lynchkelly.com/regalia.html

 1         Off-White Vinyl Sword Case                                            16.50     http://www.lynchkelly.com/regalia.html

 1         Sword Baldric                                                                  21.00     http://www.lynchkelly.com/regalia.html

 1        Color Guard cotton white gloves                                          4.00     http://www.lynchkelly.com/regalia.html

 1        Chapeaux White                     Size _____                        102.00     http://www.lynchkelly.com/regalia.html

 1        Cape, Red Polyester                                                          98.00     http://www.lynchkelly.com/regalia.html
                                         Shirt Collar Size         _____
                                         Weight                       _____
                                         Height                        _____
                                         Length                        _____
            Length = Center Neck Bone to Break of the Knee       _______
                                         No Sales Tax
                                         Shipping    ($21 last catalog ?)       ________

                                                                Total                $ 

Color Corps Drill Manual

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